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Filter Coffee - A Quick Summary

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Filtered coffee is brewed using a method where hot water is poured over ground coffee beans that are placed in a filter.  The coffee grounds are trapped in the filter, allowing only the brewed coffee (which has absorbed the flavour, oils and necessary compounds) to pass through into the pot, carafe or mug.

The Taste

Taste-wise, it is known for its clarity. As the filter removes most of the oils and other residue from the coffee, it results in a more refined and consistent flavour. You might notice that it tastes cleaner and smoother, over other brewing methods.  Filtered coffee is a versatile practice and can be produced with different coffee beans, roasts, and grinds. Varying the bean type and roast level significantly affects the flavour’s end result.


To make filtered coffee, you will need a coffee maker or device that uses a filter, such as a drip coffee maker or French Press. You might have heard the terms of these different makers—
Pourover, Aeropress, and Chemex. There are advantages and disadvantages with each type of maker, so you should consider your needs when selecting the equipment that suits. Filters can come in a variety of materials such as paper, metal, and cloth.


Grind size

The grind size of the coffee beans used for filtered coffee is usually medium, which allows for a slower extraction—this is important if you’re going for optimal flavour. A finer grind could result in a bitter taste (due to over extraction), whereas a coarser grind can result in a weaker flavour due to under-extraction.

Health benefits

The fact that the filter traps natural chemical compounds like cafestol and kahweol, which can potentially raise cholesterol levels (and may have other negative health effects), it seems that drinking filtered coffee may be viewed as a healthier option. Another positive is that it can be lower in caffeine which benefits those who are more sensitive to caffeine.

Filtered coffee, or batch brew as it also known, is now being offered in more coffee shops around Australia. Coffee consumers may find it to be a little more expensive but the expressive taste can be well worth the extra cost. It suits those who are looking for a coffee experience.

Our new Single Origin coffee, Kenya AA, is perfect for filter coffee. It is a lighter roast, yet you’ll experience more from these Kenya beans, flavour-wise—largely attributed to the way the beans are grown.

Check out the listing on our website, Sicilia Coffee, for more details about Kenya AA.

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