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6 Creative Ways to Consume Your Coffee

Posted by Gen S on

Are you desiring a quirky change to your morning routine, a way to break up your afternoon slump, or are you looking for a fun idea when you next serve coffee to your guests at a dinner party? Whatever the reason, here are six ways that may inspire you to do something a little different when it’s time for your next cup.


Combine your coffee with breakfast and consider making a smoothie. Some ideas for ingredients: frozen slices of banana, chia seeds, cacao powder, blueberries, and ice cubes. If you’re in a hurry, you could use cubes of frozen coffee that you have already prepared.


It’s mid-morning now so maybe you want to turn your cup of coffee into a mocha situation. All you need is chocolate and you could use chocolate syrup or powder for this. (Check out our chocolate products on offer here.) Get a little crazier and throw in Nutella. If calories or sugar content aren’t a big concern, then you could whip this up at breakfast. It makes for a great dessert option, too.




It’s that part of the day where you want to relax. Flavour your coffee with a spice instead - cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg or (whoa!) cayenne. This is an interesting way to drink your coffee when you want to chill out. Or, maybe you’re an early riser and you treasure your alone time while you drink your black coffee. The house is quiet and the spice kick in your belly is the only thing moving.


You’re in a festive mood, or you need a glorious sugar fix. Add ice cream, and now you can make affogato. Traditionally, vanilla ice cream is used, but you could make a mess of the idea and use honey, butterscotch or a chocolate flavour. Load it up with whipped cream and drop in some cocoa powder and you’ve got yourself a Vienna-style coffee. This kind of concoction would probably frighten some of the villagers back in Italy but we’re not honouring traditions here. Besides, we already know you can appreciate a simple but great cup of coffee. Speaking of which, check out the range of blends at Sicilia Coffee.


You’ve had a hard day or week and now you want to treat yourself. Yes, it’s time for an alcoholic kick. Hopefully, it’s past lunch time when you get around to this (hey, no judgement) but you could add Guinness, Baileys or Kahlua to your espresso. Or maybe you’re not one to mess around and you add some Grappa. If you’re feeling a bit more exotic, add some rum and go down the route of a pumpkin spice rum latte. This is more involving (better you than me—I used up all my energy writing this blog post) but if you want an experience, especially an exotic one, you gotta put in the prep, right?


You overdid it with the alcoholic coffee didn’t you? And now you need to rehydrate. How about taking advantage of the electrolytes in an iced coconut water using a cold coffee brew? It’s light and naturally sweetened. Otherwise, you could make up an iced beverage with tonic water. This is great for a warmer day.

If you have other creative ways that you drink your coffee and you want to share them with us, you can get in touch and let us know. Hope we inspired you to try something different next time!

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