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20 Reasons to Consume Coffee Over Christmas

Posted by Gen S on

  1. It's a necessity for the Christmas Day breakfast or brunch. 
  2. Drinking coffee gives you full cognitive power when it comes to your Christmas to-do list: stay alert, stay sharp, stay focussed! (Hopefully.)
  3. It goes well with Christmas pudding, mince pies and pretty much all other desserts.
  4. Coffee brings people together. (We wrote more about that here.) 
  5. It will keep you awake when your relatives are talking your ear off.
  6. It will serve you when it’s 10pm on Christmas eve, and you still need to wrap presents. 
  7. Makes for a great coffee gift. 
  8. Your Great Aunt makes her first appearance in years? Coffee beans are also a nifty emergency gift. 
  9. Have a cup when you’re loaded alcoholically and you need to give the illusion that you’re in control.
  10. It's an excellent opportunity to show off that new set of espresso cups you recently bought.
  11. It's critical for all recipes with a mocha flavour.
  12. Various studies like this one have associated coffee-drinking with a lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory and kidney disease. So, bring on the grease, refined sugar and preservatives! (Or not.) 
  13. If you haven’t totally ignored your nutrient intake over the holidays, it helps to know that coffee is a good source of antioxidants. (Apparently.)
  14. Overdid it with the holiday carbs and now you’re a tad blocked? Luckily, coffee can work as a laxative…
  15. Too much holiday eating in general? According to an old wives tale (nonna-style), a bit of black coffee can settle your stomach.
  16. Funny enough, some people depend on caffeine to combat the holiday stress!
  17. Shirk your bring-a-plate responsibility and bring coffee instead.
  18. Hosting? Brewing coffee makes your home smell amazing.
  19. Going away for the holidays and need favours from your neighbours? Thank them with coffee beans!
  20. Well, why stop drinking coffee over Christmas? Just keep on caffeinating, my friends.

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