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certified organic coffee beans

2kg Organic Sampler: 2 x 1kg Coffee Beans

  • $4490

The pack includes 1 each of the following organic certified coffee blends in 2 x 1kg sealed bags:

  • 1 x Organic Crema
  • 1 x Organic Forte

ORGANIC CREMA: These are organically grown coffee beans from the South and Central American regions.

Those that seek a balance of body and smoothness in taste will enjoy this cup with its notes of dark roasted almonds and chocolate, a grapefruit acidity, with malt and toffee as a finish. This is a lighter roast, with great crema and suits the versatile coffee-lover.

Flavour Rating: Mild 4
Roast Rating:

ORGANIC FORTE: Notes of chocolate, toffee, malt and molasses through a juicy-bodied cup. You may pick up the peach and nectarine acidity that lingers in the finish.

Produces great crema. Organically grown coffee, this mix of coffee beans is 100% Arabica and originate from South America and Africa. Makes great milk-based coffees.

Flavour Rating: Strong 3
Roast Rating: Medium - Dark

Flavour Rating Scale:
Mild 4 (Mildest) ORGANIC CREMA
Mild 3 
Mild 2 
Mild 1 
Strong 1
Strong 2
Strong 4 (Strongest)

Roast Rating Scale:


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