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Cafetto S15 Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets (Jar of 60)

Cafetto S15 Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets (Jar of 60)

  • $1650

Regular maintenance is essential! Coffee grounds can remain in your machine along with oils that will eventually block the filters. This will result in bitter coffee and a reduction in the effectiveness of your machine. Cafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for coffee brewing and dispensing equipment.

This product is a specialist cleaning tablet formulated to provide targeted dissolution times and exceptional cleaning for selected superautomatic espresso machines.

Recommended for:
Schaerer, Saeco, Stentorfield, SCS, De Longhi, Breville, Macco and Miele super automatic espresso machines.

Usage directions:
Insert one tablet in the special opening and follow the machine manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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