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500g Decaf Coffee Beans

500g Decaf Coffee Beans

  • $1550

DECAF: A decaffeinated 100% Arabica blend with a smooth flavour and great aroma. We do not use a chemical extraction process; we only use beans that have the caffeine removed via C02 absorption (Swiss Water Method), which also ensures the retention of the original coffee flavours. It is a very satisfying cup for those who want to avoid caffeine but still seek the espresso coffee taste. Suitable for: Getting a good night's sleep.
Flavour Rating: Mild 2
Roast Rating: Medium

Flavour Rating Scale:
Mild 4 (Mildest)
Mild 3
Mild 2 DECAF
Mild 1
Strong 1
Strong 2
Strong 3
Strong 4 (Strongest)

Roast Rating Scale:
Medium DECAF

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