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58mm Coffee Tamper

58mm Coffee Tamper

  • $4695

58mm quality stainless steel base and handle. 13.6kg calibrated spring for the perfect barista espresso. 500g weight, with solid black handle.

Calibrated tampers will enable the barista to make a great espresso with optimum coffee extraction consistency. Varying tamp force can also be used.

This is an industry-standard size, please check the coffee machine grouphead internal diameter for suitability.

  • 58mm Coffee Tamper can be used with industry standard commercial espresso machine groupheads
  • No ridge - can be used for single or double shot espresso
  • Ergonomic barista style black handle
  • Solid and thick stainless steel base, long lasting and ideal food contact
  • Great for professional and consistent tamping force to freshly ground espresso coffee

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